Get rewarded to know what you earn

Roll works with your bank to calculate your true take-home pay, and rewards you with cash-back.

No app to download— earn more now.

For ride-share drivers—
Uber, Lyft, Via, Juno.

Free, automatic accounting

Your bank sends your transactions to Roll, we sort out which are business expenses, you catch a break because some things are hard but managing your finances with Roll couldn't be easier.

Being your own boss just got as easy as being the boss.

That turns expenses into cash

You spend a ton of money driving. Our team negotiates with automotive vendors nationwide to secure the best prices anywhere, then we put those deals in your inbox and stash the cash-back rewards directly in your bank account.

Your business is valuable. It's about time you got rewarded.

Powering the first paystub for ride-share

It's impossible to know for real how much you're taking home as a ride-share driver, and that's not an accident: when you're in the dark, you're under the apps' control.

Roll gives you the info you need to create your own lane, so now you're in charge of going places.

No app to download— earn more now.